Pharmaceutical Market Research

Pharmaceutical Market Research


BioStat specializes in delivering a wide range of market and marketing studies, post-marketing surveillance (PMS) studies, educational and epidemiological research, as well as opinion and satisfaction surveys tailored for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Additionally, we offer in-depth brand image and awareness analysis.


Comprehensive Research Services


The BioStat Research and Development Center offers:



BioStat in the Pharmaceutical Market


With over two decades of experience, our experts are adept at conducting observational studies and clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, making us a trusted partner in the industry.


We perform pharmaceutical market research, including epidemiological and clinical studies. Our research spans both the Rx (prescription) and OTC (over-the-counter) drug segments, utilizing statistical methods to analyze collected data. This allows us to conduct comprehensive analyses, including market segmentation, product positioning, and market share forecasting.


We engage with patients, doctors, and pharmacists to gather insights on their opinions and satisfaction levels, as well as to assess brand awareness. Our target groups also include pharmacies and medical and administrative staff. Additionally, we evaluate the effectiveness of sales territories and representatives.